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Create a beautiful and healthy garden the natural, organic way with Kiwicare Garden Organics – New Zealand’s leading range of BioGro certified organic gardening products.
Kiwicare BioGro Certificates

Organic Weed Control

Kiwicare's Organic weed control products help deal with a wide range of weeds the natural way.

ORGANIC WEEDFREE RAPID will keep your outdoor living spaces healthy & beautiful, and is excellent if you need a quick tidy up.

Organic Disease Control

Kiwicare's Organic Garden disease control products will help you deal with a wide range of diseases in your garden the natural way and keep your garden healthy and beautiful.

Organic Fertilisers 

Kiwicare Garden organic fertilisers are formulated to provide the best balance of nutrients for the specific plants in your garden.

As well as NOURISH ALL PURPOSE there is a NOURISH fertiliser to help you provide the ideal nutrients for your vegetables, flowers and citrus.