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Plant Health

Tips and articles on how to deal with insect pests and disease in your garden

Dormant fruit tree

Ensure your garden explodes with health in spring by taking a little time now to protect your trees, shrubs and roses from pests and diseases.

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Transplanting is a stressful time for any plant or tree. Root systems consist of branching roots covered in delicate microscopic 'hairs' through which most absorption of water and nutrients takes place. These tiny hairs are easily damaged by the physical disturbance during transplanting and desiccation if the roots are allowed to dry out.

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monarch butterfly2

One of the many delights of having a garden is seeing and hearing the variety of wildlife it attracts. Birds, bees, butterflies and others add to the garden’s beauty.

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Black Spot

Plants are susceptible to disease. Many of the plants we grow in our garden have been bred for traits that we desire, such as flowers, large fruit, good flavour and shape.

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Leaf Roller

There are many insect pests that will damage the plants in your garden.

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Rust on garlic

It's always better to prevent your plants from being infected with diseases rather than trying to cure them.

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